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Friday, December 31, 2010

Snow Aftermath

The day after Christmas snowed in Charlotte--we didn't go to Indiana, but Indiana came to us!

Putting gloves on to protect those small porcelan hands

"Should I go or should I stay?"

Getting ready, set...


My fearless toddler

I LOVE this picture! They both look great.
This was my sister-in-law's snow suit when she was a baby. She gave to Vivian a while back, but I didn't think she would be able to wear it. It fit her perfectly! Vivian was so warm and snuggly!

We stayed outside just enough to take pictures. Both Vivian and I had enough after a few minutes (well, at least me and Vivian's cheeks--they were icy cold!)

The unexpected snow made Roger feel right at home! We don't have a shovel, so he improvised with a broom.

Snow fight...really?!! If only I didn't have my camera...he was going down!!! :>


Until Next Year...

The decorations are almost all put it away, the out-of-town grandparents are gone, the Christmas tree is bare and the extra 2-3 pounds are well placed into my hips.
This was our first time ever hosting Christmas at our house. It was a wonderful Christmas!

Fun morning riding the Choo Choo

My new "babysitter"

Daddy getting ready to kiss his little baby girl
Opening gifts on Christmas morning

Vivian was more interested in chewing on everything and anything than playing with her new toys
Daddy horsing around with Jacqueline

Memaw started a new tradition with her grandaugher--- they baked treats on Christmas Eve

The best family portrait we able to get this year (hopefully next year our kids will actually look at the camera!)
All the girls (my mom and I look like midgets near Kyle's mom!)

There was dancing...

a lot of love

and innocent smiles!

He is the reason we celebrate! Although there are so many distractions-- a fat old man in a red suit, fake trees, gifts and too much eating. I always enjoy attending Christmas eve service at church b/c for an entire hour we are celebrating the utmost GIFT to the world--our Savior's birth. He is the true gift, the true reason of the season!!
Until next year...celebrate HIM!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mullet and Kitchen

Jacqueline is constantly doing cute things and I'm so glad I'm documenting most of them in this blog. Yesterday she was walking around with a her hair brush and them went to get this little stool. I was wondering what she was up to and this is what I found. She wanted to see herself while brushing her hair. Good thing she can't see her mullet! (I really got to do something about it. I've been contemplating about just cutting it myself or at least trim it).

My friend Claudia gave her daughters play kitchen to Jacqueline since they no longer play with it. She absolutely LOVED it!!! As soon as she saw it, her eyes light up and she played for a long time.
It's just perfect for her size!

Vivian is 8 months

Always jolly!

My jolly baby is 8 months and crawling! A few days before she turned 8 months, she became mobile. On Monday (Dec 20th), she slept through the night for the very first time! Parents have diff definitions of "sleeping through the night"--but for me, that means that when I put her down at 7pm and she won't wake up until day light again. She was nursing twice at night and all the sudden she decided to give me this unexpected early Christmas gift!!! She has being sleeping from 7pm-7am and that makes me so h-a-p-p-y! I'm still nursing her and plan to do it for a year like I did with Jacqueline. Vivian only likes baby cereal and nothing else. I've tried everything and she hates everything. But she can't have enough of baby cereal. She is such a happy jolly baby. She smiles to everyone and seems to have a very easy going personality.
I love my Bolota!!! I love kissing her chubby cheeks and wish I could snuggle with her all night!!!