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Sunday, April 29, 2012

College Roomie's Wedding

My college roomate Stephanie got married yesterday. Mrs. Mcguire looked beautiful on her lace gown!  As she walked down the aile, James had tears coming down his face. I love when the groom cries. I think it's so touching and incredibly sweet.

First Dance!

During the father and daughter dance I started to cry. It made me reminisce when I danced with my step-dad in my wedding. I really miss him and how I wish we could dance again! 

Kyle suppose to be in a work conference in Dallas and I was going to the wedding solo. But he ended up not needing to go to the conference and I was thrilled that he could go with me!
Karrie (who is preggo with her 2nd baby), Kristen (friend from church) and Candace (college roomate)

Katie (college roomate)

The beautiful bride and Marjohn

What a wonderful wedding! Everything was perfect. We had a blast dancing, eating good food and hanging out with friends.

PS: The cake was so moist and delish!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the days are long, but the years are short

Two years ago, I was holding her for the first time. I  was gazing into her eyes and smelling the scent that only newborns have. I was so in love as I held her for the first time. These 2 little feet are still small, but everyday, without me noticing, they are growing. I love tiny little feet. I love this time of my life. By far, the best years of my life. I wish I could freese time and have her be this tiny for a long time

She has the most delicious chubby cheeks ever! I can park my mouth on them and kiss her all day long. One day her face will thin out and she will won't look like a baby anymore

She is discovering the world.  She looks at everything with so much wonder. Life is fascinating even when she is at her own backyard. 

I will even miss the tantrums (no, not really). Well, maybe just a little. Sometimes I step back and take all in. This time goes by like a blink of an eye. As my neigboor says: "The days are long, but the years are short".  So true.

Vivian's Bday Party- Part 2

  She was in her "own world" during the party

 We sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Portuguese

 After she woke up from her nap, she opened her gifts
 After we handed her the last gift, she looked at us and said: "More"! :>

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday we celebrated Piggy's 2nd bday (Piggy is one of Vivian's many nicknames). I had a lot of fun organizing the party and coming up with creatives ideas  (copying) ideas from Pinterest!  It was a lot of work, but worth it. People seemed to had a good time and the kids ran around high on sugar

My mom helped by making "docinhos", which are traditional sweets from Brazil, that are a MUST for a Brazilian bday party. She also made the mini-tuna sandwiches and a delicious Asian salad

For those that don't know anything about the cartoon Olivia The Pig, I need to explain the Olivia "rules of life"...Olivia has several rules of life that are pretty funny. I used her rules to decorate the food tables. The one above is not really one of her rules. I added that one b/c I LOVE sweets!

Cup cakes from Harris Teeter with personalizes cup cake toppers

I got  the polka dot fabric from Hobby Lobby (my new fav store). I got the blue V from there as well

Personalized water bottles  and another "rule of life" ("If you really really really want something, it helps to say triple please"). Love this one!

My sweet friend Lu, made the black letters for Vivian's name. I was so happy she offered to help (Thanks, Lu!).  On the mantel are the goody bags--stickers, lolipops, a little farm animal, and gold fish

Birthday girl taking all in

Proud Daddy
Vivian and her "boyfriend" Nicholas--She is only 2, but is already a cougar. He is 4 months younger than her. This is Lu's handsome boy.

I blessed to have my sweetness and my 2 beautiful girls. I have so much love in my heart for my family. I'm blessed beyond words.
One of my best friend's (Adiel) made baloon animals for the kids. They loved it!
He learned by watching a you tube video. It's nice to have smart and resourceful friends!
Funny girl
BFF's--what a sweet picture of Jacqueline and her adorable next door neighboor friend (Jillian). They love each other and are partners in crime. They both "disappeared' during the  party and my mom found them in Jacqueline's crib jumping on it

Vovo and Vivian
Happy birthday to my baby girl! I love you so much, Vivian!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vivian is 2!

 Today my baby girl turned 2. I remember what a wonderful feeling it was to hold her for the first time. She was so worth pushing for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I love her to pieces!
 This morning I took her to her 2 year appt. Her height and weight are consistent for the past 2 yrs--50% for both--just like Big sis Jacqueline. She is 33 inches of perfection! I was a bit worry b/c she has had a red rash in her body for the past 2 days and I was concern that she would be sick for her bday. Last year she had pneumonia and was really sick.  Dr. Olmstead said the rash should go away in a few days and it's just a viral rash.

 At the doctor's office--little did she know she would be getting a shoot today :<

ps: See my Starbucks coffee on the floor? That cup of Tall latte cost me $53!! I parked in a lot beside Starbucks and they booted my tire. I thought I was going to be able to run in and run out before they caught me. I never ever park in their parking in lot, but today I thought I would take a chance...oh well, I've learned my lesson.
 This picture is just "so her". She is playful, loves laughing and is full of personality

Here are her stats:

weight  25.5 lbs (50%)
height 33 inches (50%)
 We celebrated at Cantina. We collectively LOVE mexican! The girls had refried beans as usual and LOTS of chips and cheese dip. 
 On the way home we got some cup cakes from the grocery store.  Kyle and I were going to split one, but who are we kidding...we had 2 cup cakes each!

 Vivian did not even have one bite of her cup cake. Instead, she played with it and even got in her hair.
Here she is so upset b/c I didn't give her another cup cake for her to destroy. Being 2 is so tough  :>