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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frontyard Photoshoot and Flat Spot

Funny face
Joyful face

Smiley face

Vivian just learned how to sit up last week. I'm so glad because now I don't have to obsess about the flat spot in her head. Few weeks ago, I took her to Cranial Technologies (the company that makes head bands to fix flat spots) for an evaluation. They said she was a moderate case, but her pediatrician said there is nothing wrong w/ her head. So, as of now, Kyle and I decided not to do anything about it and trust our pediatrician. For the past 6 weeks, I've being a "tummy-time nazi"! Vivian is never laying down, unless she is asleep. Even when I put her in the car seat, I make sure her head is not pressing against the flat spot. I've "retired" her bouncy seat and swing. I can def. notice an improvement to her head shape and we will revisit the possibility of a band in about a month or so. I've seen babies w/ head WAY flatter than Vivian's and they are toddlers now and their heads look fine. So, I think she fine will be too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


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This jolly face makes my heart smile!

I love you, Vivian!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Roses, Dressler's and Happiness

I meant to add this picture later on in the post, but was not able to. This is the view from the table where Kyle and I were dinning
Yesterday was our 4th year anniversary. We had agreed that we wouldn't exchange gifts, but my husband broke our agreement and got me these beautiful red roses!
He knows how much I love being surprised and it's so hard for him to surprise me b/c I usually find out, but last night I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea where he was taking me to dinner (Good job, Sweetness! Mission accomplished). He took me to Dressler's Restaurant. We had a delicious dinner looking out the Charlotte skyline. (Kyle could had taken me to taco bell and I would be just as happy! How can you go wrong with Nachos Bell Grande, a burrito supreme and a diet coke?!!) :>

This picture came out a little burry (I keep telling Kyle that I need to upgrade my camera...well, maybe I can get one in our 5th year anniversary????( hint, hint)

I'm very grateful that God has given Kyle to me to be my partner for life. He is beyond what I prayed for. He is beyond what I thought I need it. The same excitement of 4 years ago is very much alive today. When he walks into our home each afternoon after work, my heart is just as happy as I was walking down the aile on Sept 16, 2006. Four years together as One and two beautiful, precious creatures later, I'm in love with him as ever! Can't wait to tell one day Jacqueline and Vivian how we've met and how he is an answer of prayer. And, how I hope God will provide them amazing husbands like Kyle has been to me!

I LOOOOOOOVE you, Sweet husband!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

High Heels and Fireplace Offense #2

There she goes...

She was quite elegant walking in my shoes. I was impressed with her balanced.

Fireplace offense #2--I found her laying down and playing in the fireplace. Both her hands and feet were completely black!

Oh....that's where you've been putting our newspaper!

Every Day Life

When do kids stop eating from the floor? I'm just not quick enough to stop Jacqueline from eating from the floor. I keep telling myself that she is "building her immune system
so I won't feel so bad.
Trying to unlock the door. Little she knows she is using the wrong key hole!


Pretty typical on weekend morning at our house. Plopping, drinking coffee and trying to read the paper and watching Blue's Clues


Last weekend we went to the Greek Festival--it was our first time going with kids (a completely new experience!).
Jacqueline played with someone's left over soggy tomato that she found on the floor
Than she tried to escape as Kyle attempted to buy a Gyro

Finally trapped into Daddy's arms!

I say it was a succesful outing. We didn't loose our kids and/or minds!! :>

So serene

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Randomness

Lots of Random Pictures

With little time to blog, I thought I would post severeal ramdom pix of the girls. I don't want to completely dtop bloggin for lack for time. So for now, you'll may see lots of "random" posts. Better than no blogging at all. Hopefully soon I'll get more organized and be able to write meaniful posts...don't hold your breath! :>

My girls are 16 months apart, but wear the same diaper size! Maybe I need to start feeding Jacqueline butter again!

Improvised "play room"

"Who is this other baby in the mirror?"

Jacqueline thinks that when she doesn't see us, we can't see her. I love the innocency of child!

Baby Prison

2 beautiful flowers

She found her feet

I love the monogramm bloomers my friend Anne gave Vivian. She also gave Jacqueline one when she was born (Thanks, Anne!)