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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jacqueline's 4th Bday--School Celebration & Merida Theme Bday Party


We celebrate J's bday at school with cupcakes. She loved wearing the special bday hat and been sung to by her classmates.

She was all smiles as her teacher made her bday hat

She loves Ms. Leslie and Ms. Stephanie

Jacqueline favorite princess is Merida from the movie Brave. We had a Brave party for her since she loves it so much.  Above is the table with cupcakes and juice boxes that I wrapped around with blue duck tape and put a picture of Merida on it

I asked Jacqueline what kind of food she wanted for her party and she said without hesitation...chips and cheese, hummus, and cup cakes!  (some of her fav food)

Personalized water bottles and a few books for decoration

Wow!!! A real princess!!!
All the little girls were enchanted when Merida walked in the house. They were not expecting a visit from a REAL princess.  

She played the music from the Brave soundtrack while she painted the their litte faces

Merida also performed some magic tricks while the tiny princesses munched on their food

Some grown ups were fascinated with Merida too . ha!

My sweet little creature is growning up so fast. It had been 4 years since she was born and made me a mother. I love her so much and I treasure my time with her. She is all girly. She loves to play dress up and loves to wear dresses and pink. But she also loves running, climbing, playing outside and pretend she is in a forrest. Her favorites playmates at school are always boys. I think bc theyare able to  keep up with her! She is so active and enjoy playing with both girls and boys. She gets along with everyone. She is sweet and kind. She is a smile that melts my heart. My desire is for her to grow to love the Lord and follow Him and to put Him first always, to obey Him and one day accept Him as her Savior.

Jacqueline, Dada and I love you so much!!!!  There is nothing you can ever do to change that. We're proud of who you are. God had made you beautiful inside and out.