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Friday, May 22, 2009


Today I attempted to bake chocolate chip cookies for the first time. It was definitely an "attempt" because they looked like tortillas! It's a mystery the reason why they turned out like this.
Regardless of how bad they looked, Kyle and I ate ALL 6 of the gigantic tortillas! It actually tasted pretty good! I think I'll go back to "break and bake"cookies!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm someone's MOTHER!

For the last 34 years, Mother's Day was always about celebrating my mom (which still is), but this year, I had the honor of been celebrated too. I never imagined how amazing motherhood would be. I've always knew I longed to be a mother one day. However, was not until I actually became one, that I came to realize that it's a kind of love that is indescribable. It's a love that takes over you and all the sudden you are secondary. And, that's pretty difficult task to accomplish since we (human-beings) are so self-centered. Once I became a mother, I've realized how selfish I am. All these years, it's been all about me. Now, I can't take a shower when I want to, eat or watch TV when I please. There is a little tiny person with deep blue eyes that depend on me for everything. I am her sole source of food. I can distinguish her cry in a room full of babies. I can watch with contentment her play with her tiny hands and feet as if I'm watching one of my favorite movies. Once I became a mother, I started to understand better how God love for us. God loves us unconditionally. He always forgives. He wants a deep relationship with us. He pursue us. He disciple us. He loves us no matter. "Thank you , Lord, for allowing me to be a mother! Now I understand a bit more about your love for me. It's an amazing love!"
Three generations
Jacqueline, you're the fruit of my womb, the joy of my life!

Surfer Girl

Showing off her new shades and bikini
Maybe she'll surf well like her Tio(Uncle) Dan

Jacqueline's first time in the ocean

The water was not as warm as in her bathtub!

Tea Party

Even Barbie came to the Tea Party
My Little Princess
This is my niece (the B-day girl). We went to Carolina Beach to celebrate her 6 year old birthday. It was a Princess Tea Party.
Of course you can't have a a Tea Party without tea!
My Sweet Family
A Tea Party was too much excitement for Grandpa
Isla(Jacqueline's cousin) hugging sweet!

Daniela loving on Jacqueline

Boxed in

I'm having too much fun with this child!

What's for Dinner?

Baby Soup
This is her face when she realized what was about to happen!