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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun Weekend

Jacqueline LOVES been thrown out in the air by her Daddy. We were having fun in our front yard while waiting for my mom to arrive.
Me and my 2 girls
Mom, Are you shrinking? We used to be the same height! :>
Kyle and I had an afternoon date on Saturday (movie and early dinner). My mom watched Jacqueline and I'm so glad she did b/c we REALLY needed t a date! This baby could decide to make her debut anytime, so this may be the last date for a while.
On Sunday, I met my old roomates from college (Katie and Stephanie) for lunch. Katie lives in New York city and she was in town for the weekend visiting her cousin. It was so nice to see them both and catch up. Ryley was ready for her nap and didn't really care to get her pix taken. Poor baby! If I had brought Jacqueline, she would be in my arms crying too! It's so much harder to see my girlfriends now that I'm a mom and being 36 weeks pregnant make even harder b/c I've been so fatigued and by late afternoon all I want to do is plop in front of the TV and do nothing at all.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday Jacqueline participated in her 1st Easter Egg Hunt. She didn't grap the concept at all!! Instead of hunting for eggs, she was running over the place, which was not very exciting for an almost 9 month pregnant woman!

Here are some moms and kiddos from the playgroup

She found a chocolate egg!

Maybe next year she will actually put the eggs in the basket!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VBAC or Not...That is The Question!

Today I had an ultrasound to find out the size of Baby Creature. This is one of the deciding factors in my attempt to try VBAC. I'm 35 weeks and 2 days and she weighs 6.6 lbs--which is about 1 lb more than an average baby. Jacqueline at this stage was 7.4!! Dr. Fletcher says it's good news and she was surprised this baby is smaller than J since babies get larger w/ subsequent pregnancies. Baby Creature is head done (no wonder I've been taking more frequent trips to the bathroom!) and everything else (heart beat, amniotic fluid, etc) looks great! The OB thinks that I will deliver this baby before the due date, which for me, it's music to my ears since the sooner she comes, the less she will weigh! Also, I'm ready to NOT be pregnant. Carrying a baby in the womb and a toddler in my arms has taken a toll in back. I've had lots of back pain and I'm EXHAUSTED beyond a could imagine possible. I talked to my former cleaning lady and I re-hired her. I just don't have energy to clean the house anymore. She is coming on Monday. It will be the best $55 I will ever spent!

This is Jacqueline's new favorite spot in the house. She loves playing, watching cartoons and "reading" her books in this little corner. So cute! It's nice that the toys stay in the stairs instead of all over the den!
Today Kyle got home a bit early and we had some time to play with her after dinner. He was blowing in her belly and she was laughing out loud. She was having a great time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

34 Weeks

My baby bump is getting pretty pointy!! ! I'm 34 weeks and I'm feeling all the "joys" of the 3rd trimester--backache, insomnia, nausea (I'm surprised about this one since I had very little nausea w/ this pregnancy. It started about 32 weeks and I have some days on and off, but I really can't complaint. When I was pregnant w/ Jacqueline I had horrible nausea for the entire 1st trimester, so I can handle this little bit of it and knowing that I'm in the end of the pregnancy, I can see the light in the end of tunnel!). Oh yeah, the trips to the bathroom are getting worse. I have a lot of pressure in my bladder and Baby Kuba # 2 likes hanging out in the top of it!
We took our house off the market since it's getting so close to my due date and we thought that is just time to take this extra stress out of our minds. We decided to renovate our master bathroom and hope it will make our house more marketable in this competitive house market. I have being nesting big time! I've started washing baby clothes. Like I said in the prior post, I went to a Kids consignment sale last weekend (actually 2 in the same day!). I got Jacqueline Spring/Summer clothes and had to get Baby Kuba # 2 a wardrobe too. Unfortunately, BK2 is going to be born in a different season than Jacqueline, so I can't re-use J's baby clothes. I'm getting so excited to meet Baby Kuba #2. I keep wondering if she will look like Jacqueline or is going to look totally different. I can't wait to see her face and finally meet her! When I was folding her clothes, it made me remember how little they are when they are born. So tiny! It will be so fun to have a newborn again! I got to confess that I'm not excited for the lack of sleep and middle of the night feedings...and I hope she is not colic like Jacqueline was!!! Regardless, I feel blessed that God--once again--will entrust Kyle and I with a tiny little person to take care of, to raise and to love Him.

Shoplifting, ER and My 14 old month Toddler

I got Jacqueline this boaster seat for $8 last Sat. in a Kids Consignment sale. The best $8 I ever spent! I got it to keep it at my mom's and for road trips. But, I think I'll keep it in our house for a while since she loves it so much and eats so well in it!
She has finally "graduated" into the Big Girl car seat! Well, we could have done it before, but we finally got around install it this past weekend. To celebrate, we took her in a ride around our neighborhood. Ever since she got moved facing forward, she is so much happier riding in the car (and so are her parents!).

Her face of excitement

She loves our nearly renovated closet! The shelves are her height and she can reach EVERYTHING!!!

Playing in our bedroom while I take a quick shower

I thought this was so cute! This is the first time she ever sat down on the floor to watch cartoons. How funny how I've changed since I became a mother. I have told myself that my kids would not watch TV until they were 2 or older. Ha! When I need a little peace to clean the kitchen or do some shores, I let her watch about 1/2 of TV.
So, here is the reason why I've been MIA for about a month. I've been sick w/ a cold which turned into a sinus infection and ear infection. Kyle took 1/2 day from work to help me w/ Jacqueline and my mom came to help me for a few days to watch J while I got better. I have never had a sinus and ear infection like this! I had to go to the ER in the middle of the night b/c I was in excruciating much pain. I waited 3.5 hours to see the doctor (it was a busy day at the ER) and he put me on antibiotics and heavy pain killers (which didn't work well as I hoped, so I was still in pain most of the time for about a week). Now in a littler note, the day that I went to the ER, I was already not feeling well from my sinus infection and went to the grocery store. I did my shopping and I was putting the groceries in the car when I started wondering while they weren't in bags. I quick realized that I walked out of Harris Teeter w/o paying for my groceries!!! This was the epitome of pregnancy brain!!!! I rushed back in and pay for them before anyone could realized what I did. I don't have any pictures, but I know Harris Teeter has a video from the surveillance camera to prove it! :>