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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday with my girls

 I'm the self-proclaimed family photographer of our household and I take just about every picture that we have, so I'm barely in any pictures. I want for our girls to have pictures of their mother as they grow up. I decided that for now on I'll have a mini-photoshoot every Sunday (for Kyle's delight!). This is the first Sunday of many to come! 

"Moore", Please!

 I had the most amazing weekend w/ my mom and two of my best friends (Claudia and Kim). It has being one of my life dreams to attend a Beth Moore conference and this weekend this dream came true!! It was so worth the wait. She is such a gifted speaker, Godly woman, and so funny! It felt like she is this character in a book that came to life and she is exacly what I thought she was by reading her books and doing her bible studys. God has giving her a gift to speak to woman in a way that feels like she is your best friend  having a heart-to-heart chat at Starbucks. The words that come out of her mouth are words of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit. She speaks out the truth with God given authority. She is passionate about Jesus and, even if you were to try to resist, you can't help by been rubbed off  with her fire for Him. She speaks from her heart, she is so genuine and not for one moment she leads you into thinking she is not as sinful as you. God bless this woman who uses her gift to reach all of us!
 The topic was on "HOLD FAST" which is means to stick to, cling to, hold onto, to cleave, to adhere, to be glued, to be stuck together (to GOD).  She used the 2 words to form an acroynyn.

His affection is set upon you
Only He is your praise
Loving Him awakens your true heart
Doing His well does us good
Fleeing to Him means fleeing with Him
Any tighter embrace will also replace
Satan wants what you have
The  Lord is your life!

 There were 9400 people there!!! Mostly woman, but I saw 3-4 guys (prob dragged by their wives!) 

 Yes, people, we were this close to her!
Love how dramatic she is!
 I bumped to one of Kyle's co-workers wife (Barbara). She is so sweet and I was so glad to see her there!

I'll defintely want to go to another Beth Moore conference!  I left there wanting "MOORE" Beth!! More Jesus! I'm going to HOLD FAST to Him!!! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Worth the wait

 I've being living in this country for almost 20 years and it has being this long that I hoped to have a Brazilian hammock hung in my house. I LOVE, LOVE hammocks!!!! Today my dream came true! We got someone to hang our hammocks in our screened porch. The girls and I spent a while enjoying laying on them, swinging on the them...
 I've gone to the screened porch several times and just started at them...really! :> I may even sleep there tonight! (just kidding).
 Little piece of heaven

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

under the weather

 Today was a long day. I've being a little under the weather and Jacqueline has a stomach bug. Both girls took very long naps today and so did I. We all need it. Kyle is still not home from work. The above pix is me in the end of the day--feet up with my laptop and glancing at some mindless TV show
 We stayed in the house all day. The only adventure was playing inside the screened porch and the highlight of the girls' day was watching the yard man trim the bushes
I delight in their thirsty to discover the world and how they look at everything with such wonder

Sunday, July 10, 2011

faces that i love

 poker face
bossy face

Vivian's Nursery

 We finally bought curtains for Vivian's nursery and put some pictures on the wall. I went to Michael's last week and bought letters of her name and painted them in lime green and chocolate brown.
I'm pretty pleased the the way it turned out. It's not very 'baby" and it's a kind of room she will be in it for a long time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Brazilian Style

My brother and his family were in town for Independence Day. We made Brazilian BBQ. Delish!

 Vivian dressed in her festive attire (ps: Jane, you gave J this bow few years ago. Vivian has plenty of hair to hold it in her head!)
 We played corn-hole and anxiously waited for the meat to be ready

 Never seen anyone so intrigued by an empty roll of toilet paper

My baby is 14 months...slow down Miss Vivian!

Blessed to live in America! A land where we can still pray anywhere and worship the Lord.  I pray our freedom will never change. I'm thankful for those that have lost their lives for our freedom. I'm thankful for our Jesus who died, so we can be FOREVER free of sin!!

Favorites of the Week

 Nothing like Summer storms!
 Jacqueline looking for the rain
 This outfit was mine when I was Vivian's age. So glad my mom saved it
 Strolling through our neighborhood
 I'm so lucky to have great little helpers!
 My fav fairy and cheerleader
 We're been playing a lot outside and drawing with chalk on the driving way is one of J's favorites Summer activities

Time to go was starting to get hot
 Too much play results in one tired toddler

 Modeling for Mamarazzi