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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

We celebrated early Christmas (on Dec 23) with my mom and step dad in Charlotte. My brother and his family were in Brazil this year, so Jacqueline got all of Vovo's undivided attention

Jacqueline "reading" her book in the airplane in the way to Indiana. She was very excited with all the lights in the plane and this is was a rare moment of tranquility

We had a layover in the Detroit airport (the day before the terrorism attempt)

SNOW!! We had a white Christmas in Indiana. This was mine and Jacqueline's 1st white Christmas!

Kyle was getting ready to play basketball with his Dad and Brother

Papa(Kyle's Dad) and Jacqueline

Kyle's mom got the babies matching Christmas outfit. They looked so cute!

Playing with her baby doll that Mew mow gave her

On Christmas morning, Jacqueline had fun opening her gifts and playing with them

The blue sweater that Jacqueline is wearing was Kyle's when he was a baby! Jane let me borrow it, so Jacqueline and the new baby can use it. I loved that our babies girls can wear something that belonged to Kyle

Roger's "playground"--He already cut lots of wood for the Winter

I was so happy that snowed in Indiana. Since in Charlotte we rarely get snow, this may be the only chance will see snow for a while

This is the view of the backyard of Kyle's grandmother's house
We had a little bit of snow(not enough to stick in the groud). It was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!!!

Doesn't this look like the set of "That's 70's Show"?
A rotary phone...really?!! You can even dial the "operator"!

Poker face

Some of the family playing Texas Holden--I'm proud to say that my husband won!

It was so cold this day, but I really want to take a picture by the lake

This is Beulah(Kyle's grandmother) . Christmas was the 1st time she met Jacqueline. The other baby is Lucy(Kyle' brother's daughter). She is 3 months older than Jacqueline.
I think this is such a sweet picture. They are both staring through the glass door. I bet they would love to go outside to explore the backyard

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jacqueline's 1st Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Cake--pound cake with chocolate ganache and coconut filling

I love how the jar of honey is dripping and spells out her name

The bumble bee is holding # 1 (as in 1st birthday)

My real life doll

I love that smile!

Playing with her friend Gabriel

She is not sure her she got from Vovo and Grandpa, but she loves the box

She looks a little overwhelmed with the big slice of cake

Not for long

This look is priceless!

Bath time!

Originally her birthday party was going to be on Dec 12, but both Jacqueline and I were sick with a cold. So, we rescheduled for Sunday, Dec 20. She had so much for eating cake and playing. She loved when we sang happy birthday--both in English and Portuguese. She had a big smile and was loving all the attention.

Mom's Point of View

Lately this is what I see when I look down--my growing belly and Jacqueline constantly wanting to be picked up
She pulls on my pants and tries to climb up my legs. As a toddler, she is right where should be--having separation anxiety and being clingy

Singing Bears and Playgroup Christmas Party

My Mom and I took Jacqueline to see the singing bears at Founders Hall

Afterwards we stopped by Starbucks for some coffee and treats. She was focus enjoying a little bit of my Apple Bran Muffin

Having fun with Vovo

At the Playgroup Christmas Party

Kyle talking with another Dad

Family picture (21 weeks pregnant with Baby Kuba # 2)
Group picture of Jacqueline's playgroup--there were several other babies and Moms who didn't make it to the party