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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where is Dudu?

 Jacqueline looked at one of our wedding pictures and asked Kyle: "Where is Dudu?"  She could not understand that she has not been born yet. I thought it was so cute! I'm looking forward to many more cute questions as she tries to understand the world around her.

The day after my Dad left, we were in the car leaving to run errands and Jacqueline all day hsn't asked about my Dad. She finally asked me: "Where is Vovo?". I thought it was so sweet. I got teary eyes. Almost a week after he left, she looked at me with a sad face and said: "I want to see vovo" (Que ve vovo!). I think she miss him.
 Bolota is still crawling. She seems not interestes in walking at all. She is a super fast crawler.
 Sometimes she lifst both legs out fo the floor and she looks like a puppy

Monday, May 30, 2011


 Today is Memorial Day. I'm thankful to the soldiers that have given their lives, so we could have freedom.

Kyle's family were in town for the weekend. We had a great time. We hang around the house relaxing and eating  :> Sounds like a good combinatination to me! This week I got hit the gym hard and loose whatever I gained in the past couple of days.  I've been eyeing the scale from a distance, but haven't got the courage to step on it.  We took a walk in the Greenway midmorning after Bobo's nap--not long enough or fast enough to count as a calorie burner!

 Roger and Bobo spending some quality time
 Bobo was happy to have someone her size to play with

 Morning playtime--still in pajamas
The babies getting ready for breakfast
Rogerio taking a break from the heat outside
 Whale little pool--so much fun! Gift from Aunt Natlalie and Uncle Connor for Vivian's bday

 The kiddos loved playing in the water. Great weather to splash in a pool

 Beautiful Bobo
 Rosy cheeks
After so much fun in the water, it was time for a snack--gold fish and milk

 Natalie went upstairs to check on the big sisters and she found them painting each other's faces with her lipstick!! I immed. thought of the carpet---"Oh no, not again!!! Thankfully, she got there before the girls damaged anything.
 Dudu walking around w/ lipstick face and MewMaw's sandals
 Love my husband's smile in this picture. This is so him! BIG and wide smile. I can almost hear his laugh by just looking at this photo.
 Two little "angels" 
What a great picture of all 4 of them! It was actually not hard to take this picture. It was the first one of several.  

He is gone

 Dad's last few days in Charlotte were low key. We spent a lot of time at home just hanging out
 This pix was taken in the Charis room. The room where Kyle and I met and where he proposed to me. So, a "historic" place in Charlotte that I really wanted my Dad to see. :>  He loved our church which I was pretty surprised. He is used to hymns and a very traditional sermon style. Forest Hill is def not a traditional church!! It has a band and a lead singer with spikey hair! 
 Dad and Tinker Bell going for a walk in our neighborhood
 My Dad loved American ice cream. We took one last trip to get his fav flavor:  cappuchino!
We stopped by the park for the girls to play a little

 For some reason, this picture reminds of my Dad and I when I was little kid. I may have a picture similar to this in my baby album...

He is gone. No more banana shakes to make. No one else to take to experience America. But so many new memories to savor!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latta Plantation

Vovo and Jacqueline bonding
 This morning we went to Latta Plantation for a WW II reenactment.

 Vovo, Jacqueline and Daniela chilling under the shade

 Daniel interpreting to Dad

 This old dude cracked me up. He was really taking his role serious.

 Jacqueline got scared with the gun shots, so I took her to get a slushy

 Dad and his clan

The war is over. Let's go home!