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Monday, November 29, 2010

Vivian's First Thanksgiving

We had a pretty low key Thanksgiving this year. We moved in to our new house few days before and Kyle and I were exausted to say the least. I ordered food from the cafeteria and we went to my mom's. The food was pretty good and we were all "thankful" there was no cooking or mess to clean up! Here are some pictures of the girls. I ordered these beany hats from I think they look so adorable and I like that I can switch the flower to match their outfits.

The Last Box

We have finally moved in into our new house! Kyle and I worked hard to get settle as quick as possible-- that meant opening all of the moving in boxes before Thanksgiving. For our surprise, we found these 2 little creatures in the last box! We were wondering where they've been! :>
Suburban life is quite different from living in an urban neighborhood. All of our neighboors came out to greet us on the day we moved in. Everyone is so friendly and there are 33 kids in our street! There are several toddlers same age as Jacqueline. Our next door neighboors brought us homemade cakes to welcome us. I feel like I stepped in into the 1950's where neighbors actually knew each other's names and you would not feel weird knocking on their door to ask to borrow a cup of sugar. I love it! I though I would miss the old house b/c of the memories we've shared, but I haven't. I'm ready to build new memories here w/ Kyle and my girls!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sassy Bunny and Bee-utiful Bumble Bee

My Sassy Bunny




Vivian's Dedication

How do you get 2 babies and 2 toddlers to look at the same direction for a picture? Well, it's pretty much an impossible task!

One day I hope day Vivian will make the decision to follow Christ. The dedication (on Oct 24th) was a promise to God that Kyle and I will raise her to love Jesus and raise her to follow Him. We hope that one day she will accept God's gift of salvation and realize her need to repent from her sins.
Your Daddy and I love you soooo much and can't wait to tell you about God unfailing love!