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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cousins and Fun in the Park

My brother and his family came to Charlotte for Memorial Day Weekend. Daniel and Amanda went biking riding while the girls stayed here. Jacqueline loved playing dressed w/ Isla. and sitting in their "royal chairs" 

 I think Vivian was done snuggling :>

One Sunday afternoon we went to the park after naps. Vivian loves watching the ducks in the lake

My two year old is full of personality. Everything he big sis does, she wants to do it too. They play a lot, but fight a lot too. But they do love each other tons!

Dada looks like a giant near the little creature! Love my husky husband! 

Let's Fly a Kite

I was so proud of our little girl this morning as she performed in her first ballet recital! I was kind of emotional  (no tears, but almost) :>  I already know I'm going to be a mess in her high school graduation!!  She looked beautidul and she was so excited!!

These are the "before" pictures. We got there really early bc we wanted to get good seats and didn't want to stand in line forever.

So cute posing!

I was afraid I wasn't going be able to get good pix of her during the recital since they had a "no flash" rule. So, I took some of her before it started. 

This is during the actual recital. She was a bit shy at first. Her class was the 3rd one to perform and they danced to the song: "Let's Fly a Kite".

Then she got rid of the stage fright!

Every ballerina deserves a bouquet of flowers after performing!

I was so glad my Mom was able to go! She "illegally" filmed  while I took pictures. :>

Dada with his girls

Can't wait for next year! We're going to have 2 ballerinas performing!!

Now two last pictures in black and white that I forgot to upload...

I love her face in this picture. This is SO her!