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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Sleeping Beauty is sick

 This has never happenned before....Jacqueline has never fell asleep in the sofa. I was in the kitchen and when I looked over, there she was...laying like a little angel, peacefully sleeping. Poor baby was really feeling sick. I wish she could had told me what she was feeling.

 And, this was this morning. She woke feeling much better and was milking it all she could! Using her soft voice, she asked me to put her in the sofa and cover her w/ the blanket. Then she asked for her milk, then crackers and so on...she enjoyed the attention yesterday and wanted to replicate today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Banner and Jacqueline have know each other their entire life (Well, for us is a blink of time, but for them it's a very long time). B's parents are in our Lifegroup and we met them when I was preggo w/ Jacqueline and Ericka was preggo with B. Now they enjoy playing together when we have our Lifegroup meetings. 
They share a love for chips! They attacked this left over bowl of chips and that was pretty much dinner that night!

More Cinderela

The other day we went to the park and these were the shoes Jacqueline wanted to wear-- her Cinderella slippers. They are "little" big on her!
She also put on her sunglasses and grabbed her wand--all of this was her idea. Too cute!
This was at one of their little friend's bday party. Vivian looked adorable dressed up on her tutu. Jacqueline was really excited to eat cake (like her Momma!) and before we had a chance to stop her, she tokk her little finger and ate some of the icing
J 's newest obsession is to play dress up. One day early in the morning, she asked me to put on her princess outfit. I love to see her play pretend. It brings me back many memories when I was a little girl. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bed Hair, Cinderela and Tinkerbell

Jacqueline had her very first dress up playdate the other day. Her little friend Kate let her borrow this adorable tinkerbell outfit. Kate and Jacqueline play so well together. During this play date my friend Leslie (Kate's mom) found out that her husband got a job offer and they will be moving to Florida...I'm so happy for them for the great oppotunity, but sad that she's moving away. She is one of my fav girls from playgroup.  Who knows...I may take my girls in a road trip for another dress up playdate in FL!
This is J's hair after her nap. Her hair is getting even more curly as she gets older. She takes after her Daddy.
My sweet baby girl doing what she does best: SMILE!
Although a little blurry, I love the way her head is tilted to the side and is grinning at Da-da