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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cancun 2012

 As always, Cancun was wonderful! Great food, relaxing, and we did  whatever we felt like it. No responsibilities or schedules for 5 days. 
Hanging out in the pool with friends (it was very chilli, so we ended going in the hot tub)

Delicious dinners every night w/o worry how much the bill was going to be

Dessert, please!  No need for calorie restriction when you go burn it off  in the dance floor

Love birds!

Some of us we were trying to tan and others trying to not get a sunburn
My husband can still sweep me off my feet! (literally!).

Can't wait for next year!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Feb/March 2012

 Sometimes they hug, sometimes they make each other cry
 My babies playing w/ their babies
 Love those cheeks!


Daddy and Daughter Dance, J's 3rd bday and Some Random Ones

 Jacqueline's 1st day of ballet
 Two peas in a pod. The other day J looked at V and said: "Vivian, you are my best friend!" How I love that I have 2 girls!!! 

Christmas was very tough with the passing of my stepdad, but these 2 little precious angels made us smile  amidst of pain and sorrow
 Celebration of Jacqueline's 3rd bday at school

 Ms. Dee Dee and Ms. Melissa

 Friends from Lifegroup (Amira, Ella, Sam and Abby)
 V has just taken her diaper and pants off and put them in the trash can
 Sharing a snack with cousin Isla
 Almost another scandal...I found her before she attacked the walls again with my lipstick
 Barbie playing hide and seek. I think it's so cute when Vivian "hides' her toys

There is not too many things in life better than snuggling with my 2 girls
 First Daddy and Daugther Dance in our neighborhood

 Our little dancer

 Dancing with our next door neighbor and new friends