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Friday, June 24, 2011

Visit from Snow White

 She posed for pictures
 She laughed
She danced

My little princess never gets tired of dressing up!


Flip flops screams S-U-M-M-E-R to me! This is my shoe of choice for the season--comfy and airy for my little piggies!

We kick it off the Summer with a morning trip to Huntersville. We went to Discovery Kids which is a mini Disney. The girls had a wonderful time and I got a workout!
 Immobile for just a second...Vivian was all over the place and I had a hard time keeping up with both girls

  Both girls were strapped in these  high chairs. I got a break from chasing them
We had a backyard picnic and played outside until nap time
 My baby enjoyed playing with dirt

 In her way to explore the "forest"
 Finding treasures

 My daredevils going backawards in the slide

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

 We finally made to our neighboohood pool
 Jacqueline had a great time swimming with Dada
 Vivian enjoyed splashing in the kiddy pool
 A little snack before heading home. It was about to storm. Everyone was quickly leaving the pool
 This is how the sky looked like (plus a very strong windy) before the storm
 Kyle opening his gift on father's day
 I love when I can surprise him!
 I got him a spiritual journal and made prints of the girls hands and feet in it
 After the girls nap, we played outside
 Vovo and Pa joined us

 That's not nice, Bob! 

 Mischevious look

  I made dinner and here is the "guest of honor"--filet mignon! It was my very first time cooking filet and it turned pretty good! I used a marinad erecipe I found online (very easy--red wine, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper)
 Delish, delish!
One last picture with Dada. Now it's time for bed!

The Dissapearance of the remote control and Little Picasso

 I spent a while searching for the remote control. I looked at the usual places (behind the sofa, floor, kitchen ). There was still no where to be found. Finally I had the idea of looking in the girls shopping cart...and yes, there is was, tucked in between pricess clothes...the crime was committed by Ms. Vivian!
 In hope that Jacqueline would entertainnet herself for a while, I bough her some paint and paint brush
 She loved it and had a lot of fun. And, it's a much cheaper than paiting the walls!

 Vivian wanted to play too. She started pulling J's paper. Jacqueline looked at her and said: "Don't touch it. You are going to time out!" And pointed with her finger inside the house. It was too funny!
This is Vivian's "fake cry face"


Vivian started waling 2 weeks ago today (June 6). I was having a playdate at our house and suddently she got up and started walking! Who needs gym membership when you have 2 toddlers to run after?!!
 She is busy bee. She loves pushing anything and everything. Lately she loves gathering items around the hosue and putting in her shopping cart