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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blank Slate

The first day of the year...some folks make new year resolutions, the gym will be packed on Monday, new diets, new hopes, new lists, promises ready to be broken. A few days before the end of the year, Kyle and I make a list of goals we want to accomplish in the new year (some people call it resolutions, but I just don't like that word--it implies failure to me). We started this back 2-3 years ago. I personally have items in my list that are rewritten every year ( I guess calling it "goals" doesn't really help, uh?!!). For 2011, I didn't list any personal goals. They are mostly things that Kyle and I want to accomplish together. Well, except that I want to find time and be consistent in doing my quite time. That one is the most important and # 1 thing I want to accomplish. I'm writing this in my blog b/c I think that when we write something it becames more real (especially in the internet to everyone to see it!). Those that read my blog are welcome to ask me if I accomplish my goal in the end of 2011. I do need accountability. :>

Above is Jacqueline w/ my scarf and she had my shoes on too, but they fell off her tiny feet right before I snapped the photo

The happiest baby in the block

As usual, Daddy making his daughter "fly"

I won't ever get tired to look at her chubby face

Happy 2011!

Hope it's jolly as Vivian!


My brother and family were in town for a few days and we spent sometime with them. It was great seeing them and hanging out
Daniela is my oldest niece (7 yrs old). She loves babies!

My brother loves babies too

I can't believe we got a pix of them all looking at the camera at the same time!
---Jacqueline (2), Daniela(7), Isla (2 1/2) and Vivian (8 months)----

They had a ball jumping in our bed

Sassy isla posing for the picture
"Pizzie" (as Jacqueline says it) time!!!