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Friday, February 25, 2011

Vivian is 10 Months!

She won't be a baby for much's bittersweet to see her grow. It's inevitable that she will soon became a wanna be independent toddler. She will start walking, talking, climbing, etc. I've been trying to live in the moment and really enjoy her. This may be our last baby and as hard as that may seem, it may be reality. I kiss those chubby cheeks so much. I think I've reached a world record!
 Her smile melts my heart and it changes the perspective of life's little annoyances, disappointments, and frustrations. The fact that my belly that doesn't look exactly how I envisioned after babies or hiding my gray hair is becoming increasingly more difficult is just so unimportant. This little Creature, that I love beyond a could ever describe, is what really matters! (Jacqueline, I feel the same about you, but this just happens to be Vivian post!  Mamae love you exacly the same!!).
 Vivian started pulling up a week or so before turning 10 months. Now her time is consumed by pulling up every chance she gets. She has a fascination with socks and shoes. She entertains herself and laugh while playing with socks. It makes folding laundry really fun! She still only have 2 teeth. I love her gummy smile!
He favorite food is baby cereal. She recognizes the box and gets really excited when she sees it. I tried making her homemade baby food, but she refused to eat it. My mom said that I was the same way. I preferred the store bought food than any homemade baby food.
She enjoys playing with her big sister and it's such a joy to see them having fun together. She loves playing in my pantry. I shouldn't let her play in there. She always makes a mess, but it gives me time to cook dinner or unload the dish washer. She still takes 2 naps ( 9am-11am and 1pm-2:30pm). It's a nice break for mommy! She says Da-da. I'm waiting for her to say the sweetest word: "Mamae" (which is mommy in Portuguese).

Vivian continues to be a very laid back baby. I'm curious to see if her personality will change. I'm excited to continue to see her discover the world. I feel so blessed that I can stay at home with her to witness every little new thing she does. This privilege I owe my husband who works so hard to provide for our family.

Thank you , Sweet husband. You work so hard, so I can stay-at-home with our girls. You are a great provider and I pray that God continue to give you the drive and perseverance to do your job well! You make me proud!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stand up!

 Vivian has being trying to stand up for a quite while now. Last week she finally accomplished it! She even climbed 3 steps!!! (Of course, I was right besides her making sure she was safe).

 I love seeing my girls playing together. Jacqueline is sweet to Vivian most of the time--unless she starts taking her little sister toys and saying: "MINE"!!

 Jacqueline loves ballons. Everytime we go to Harris Teeter, she asks for a baloon even before I park the car. Ballons are a lifesaver. It usually entertains her while I go through my grocery list.

My baby girl is fearless. She will climb over obstacles as she crawls through the kitchen floor!

Monday, February 14, 2011

L-O-V-E is in the air...

Yesterday was Valentine's day. My girls and I started the day eating my mom's cup cakes.

I ate Vivian's since she can't eat cup cakes yet!!

Then we headed to one of our fav places for lunch--Chick Filet. Jacqueline loves ketchup way more than chicken nuggets!

She had so much playing in the slide
Happy 1st Valentine's Day, Sweet Baby Girl!

My sweet husband surprised me w/ flowers. They are beautiful! But even more beautiful is the love we share. We didn't do anything fancy last night. We decided to order take out (from Macaroni Grill) and watched The Bachelor. Every day life with Kyle makes me happy. The simplicity of the little things makes me happy. We don't need to go anywhere to have fun. We enjoy been together. It doesn't matter where or what we are doing. We just enjoy each other's company and living every day life. The days are not long. Time goes by fast when each moment is treasured. Time evaporates, but the sweet taste of happiness lingers.
I met a old couple at Chick Filet yesterday. He was tall and his wife was short and petite. My mind forwarded several decades and I saw myself with Kyle. Hope God allows both of us to live that long. One day I will be old, wrinkly with gray hair along side with my Sweetness sitting in silence eating lunch on Valentine's day. No words will be needed when loving eyes are gazing and reminiscing a lifetime of memories that have been shared. When this couple left, I looked at one of the workers at C. Filet and said how sweet they were. She shared with me that her husband always gave her a cards on Vday and bdays. She received a bday card from him 5 days after he died and she still keeps that card. I thought it was one of the sweetest love stories I ever heard! Her husband was sick in the hospital, but still made sure he got her a card and gift for her 60th bday (One of his friends delivered the card on her bday). I hope the old couple at Chick Filet have shared a wonderful life and love like Kyle and I have in these past few years.
ps: Sweetness, you are loved... Forever!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cancun and Around The House

Jacqueline can barely reach the counter, but very carefully she put one can besides each other. I love this age. She is always doing or saying the cutest things.

Love her face!

Love this face too!

Vivian has being wishing to climb the stairs for a quite some time. Few days ago she started pulling up. Now should be a good time to put the gate up. I know she will climb those stairs when I least expect.

The big sis feeding little sis. I was cleaning up the kitchen one morning and I turned and saw this and had to snap a picture. Jacqueline is going to be a great big sister!

Pantry invasion!! My girls love playing in my pantry. They always make a mess, but it's well worth the peace it gives me. I can usually cook dinner, unload the dish washer, clean the kitchen while they are entertained in there.

Like mom , like daugheer...


J hanging with her friends--Doggy, bear and "guin guin" (penguin)

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Cancun. We went in a cave tour and was so much fun! Our friends Mike and Barb went w/ us. We even saw bats!

We ate delicious food

Hang out with friends

Danced Salsa. Here Kyle is trying some fancy moves!

Kyle and his brother Connor

I wish this was my backyard!

Kyle's brother works for the same company as Kyle and he won the Cancun trip too. It was so much fun hanging out with them!

My view every day

They love bath time

I don't know why, but I think wet babies look adorable.