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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father of 2

My husband being "meaty"

Yesterday was Father's Day. We didn't do much since Jacqueline and I are sick. We skipped church and stayed around the house much of the day. Took the girls to the park, ate Dim Sum for lunch and had ice cream later on in the day--of course, we watched Brazil beat Ivory Coast too!

Jacqueline running wild

And Vivian enjoying a nap as usual! The unbearable heat didn't seem to bother her.
Jacqueline and Vivian are not yet aware of how blessed they are for having Kyle as their father. I enjoy watching him loving on them. He plays on the floor with Jacqueline. She looks so happy and I love hearing her belly laugh as her Daddy horses around with her. She trust him to launch her up in the air. She is so trusting. He holds Vivian with his big strong hands and lays her on his chest. She looks so peaceful and secure. Trust and security now come a few years during teenager years and adulthood, they will crave it. They will receive that from him. No doubt. He is a Daddy who will always be there to hold them when they feel like crying. He is a Daddy who will give then words of encouragement when they think they can't do it. He is Daddy who will love them when they think they are unlovable. Jacqueline and Vivian, God has blessed you with the most amazing Dad!!!

Happy Father's Day to you my sweet husband!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What has The Big Sister being up to?

Puffs and babies everywhere

Story time in the library--great place to be in a hot Summer morning!

Getting prepared to cheer for Brazil! I told Kyle that during the World Cup J and V are 100% Brazilians and they will pull for Brazil even if they are playing against USA--he didn't agree with my idea.

I took J to Latta Park where there is a spray area and she loved it. But, I didn't love it. She decided to run to the playground and everywhere. Next time I'll take my sling so the baby can be with me while I run after her

As part of my survival strategy, I let Jacqueline watch an absurd amount of TV during our first weeks after Vivian was born. I know AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) and DSS would be so proud! Her morning routine consisted of drinking her milk while watching Blue's Clues. TV=great babysitter! She no longer watches TV ALL DAY. I occasionally let her watch some.

I LOVE this picture of her! I never seen anyone so happy while holding a mop!

On Mother's Day, we went to Freedom Park. Jacqueline didn't want to be in the stroller. She walked the entire time we were there and Kyle was completely exhausted by the time we left.

A quick picture before she went back to the playground

Black beans(made by Vovo) and yogurt--Yummy! :>
Jacqueline was a bit clingy once we came back to the hospital with the baby, but it was short lived. She doesn't seem to be jealous or interested in Vivian. She knows something is different and there is a new "person" around. She continues to be her active self. Although she looks so BIG for me now, she is still our baby. We have 2 babies for sure! I tried to give her lots of attention, hugs and kisses, but sometimes it's not enough. As I have learned raising a toddler, there is never enough time in the day to give them attention!

She enjoys being in her room and "reading" her books. Sometimes she stays there for long periods of time and I need to check on her to make sure she is ok
Jacqueline her friend Amira--they play so well together! They are in the same play group

J still fits in the swing! Hope she doesn' try to climb on it when the baby is there.

Everything is a toy!

Vivian's Second Month

Vivian and I watching the World Cup--Brazil vs N. Korea

She doesn't seemed very excited that Brazil scored

I think is so cute when Jacqueline gets on her tip toes and look into the pack and play to see her little sister. She says: "Bebe...bebe...bebe"
I haven't started to pump milk, so I had to take Vivian with to a girls night. She was very well behaved and nurse almost the entire time we were there!

Vivian doing tummy time while Jacqueline run wild at story time in the library

Vivian looks gigantic besides Chloe (Monica's daughter). They are only 3 weeks apart.

Stating at Vovo

Mother's Day

Daddy rocking Vivian during a fussy time

Such a sweet picu

"Bebe", as Jacqueline calls Vivian

My first time grocery shopping--I was a bit intimidated, but managed to get all I needed before Jacqueline got fussy and before Vivian's next feeding.

Vivian's First Month

This was our 1st outing as a family of 4. Vivian was 1 week old. We took a quick trip to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream
Me and my beautiful girls

Enjoying a nap on Daddy's chest

All wrapped up in my Mommy's arms after her 1st bath

Not a big fan of bathtime