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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spray Park

Jacqueline loves the swing!
Trying to walk

These pictures were taken at Latta Park. Neither Kyle and I ever being there and one very hot Sunday afternoon this Summer(I think it was 93 degrees that day), we decided to take Jacqueline to the spray park. As you can see, we forgot her bathing suit. I don't think she would want to go in the water anyway. She was a bit afraid of it. It sure looked a lot different than her bathtub!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is Jacqueline's hand after I found her crawling near the fireplace

I have always struggled with balancing time in my life. I'm the kind of person who puts "fun" before everything. Ever since I became a mother, I have switched to put responsibility first. Of course, having a baby doesn't give any choice! I do not resent Jacqueline at all. I find interesting how God has being teaching me to get my priories straight through my own daughter. I still struggle everyday to prioritize (I'm going to workout at 10am, I'm hosting a play date at my house at 2pm and there is LOTS to do until then and here am I blogging...God knows I am an unfinished product! He still has a lot of work to do on me! I just love that through such a small child God is "talking" to me. I can see how God see us. Love us. Has patience. Has grace. We are like small children. Trying to do things on our own. Jacqueline learned to open the stove drawer, she craws near the fireplace and manages to always find the trash can. She puts things in her mouth that can be harmful to her and the list goes on. But, I'm there overseeing every step of her development. I'm always jumping in when she needs to be "rescued", controlling her environment and making it safe. I see the big picture...just likes God see our lives . She cries when I buckle her in her car seat, but I know it's unsafe otherwise. She doesn't. She just feels trapped. Don't you sometimes feel that way? I do. God didn't let me have "my way". Hey, this is not a Burger King life! We can't have our way most of the time because it would be detrimental to us. Unless God is teaching us something, he will allow it. We learn by making mistakes. And, have I LEARNED so much in my 34 years?!!! Ohhhh, yes!! Everyday. But, sometimes I'm too busy having fun. I forget my priorities often. Ok, I feel convicted now. I need to get off the computer. Jacqueline will wake up soon and I need to get things done. Thank you, Lord, for teaching me so much through my sweet baby, a beautiful gift from you!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Half and Half

Saturday afternoon we went over to my friend Adiel's for dinner. Adiel is from Brazil and we became good friends when we both were still single and used to go to Oxygen (the singles group at Forest Hill church, which no longer exists). Anyway, he has 2 kids (Ian is 2 1/2 and Isabella is 8 months). He is married to an American, so his kids are like Jacqueline--half American and half Brazilian.
This is Ian. Jacqueline was wearing a denim skirt and he got curious and left her skirt while she was crawling. It was so funny! (Not too funny if they were both teenagers!). I tried to take a picture, but I wasn't fast enough.

She is loved!
Lynn (Adiel's wife) playing with Isabella and Ian

3 half and half babies

Vovo (my mom) and Grandpa Bob were there too
The food was delicious! Adiel's beans were to die for! Lynn made one of my fav dishes--pineapple w/ Ritz crackers...Yummy! I ate two servings of dinner and two servings of dessert, My stomach was hurting and I should had come rolling home!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Lunch

Jacqueline and I had lunch with Kyle on Thursday. We met him at his office (we were surrounded by his co-workers all wanting to see "Mini-Kyle") then we headed to Bentley's for a nice lunch. For those who don't remember or don't know, Bentley's is the place where we had our wedding reception. Above is the view from the booth where we sat. Bentley's is on the 27th floor of a building uptown and has a magnificient panoramic skyline of Charlotte.
Kyle is posing and our daugher is completely unware that I'm trying to get her to look at the camera
I finally got her attention after she got tired of staring at the yellow cushion of my seat
Almost to pretty to eat, this was my luscious meal. As shocking as this may sounds, this art piece was only $12!!! I can go to a "hole in the wall" restaurant, receive poor service and get something I can cook home for the same price. I enjoyed my meal (along with 2 warm ciabbatta rolls) and for our surprised the owner didn't charge us. I wish he was feeling this generous when he gave us our wedding reception bill! Anyway, it was very nice of him to not charge us, specially to find out on the way out that business is kind of slow. So if you are from Charlotte, consider going to Bentley's for a delicious lunch with beautiful view and excellent service.

PS: I wish I had ordered dessert!