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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9 Months

Every month I take a picture of Jacqueline in this white chair. It's nice to see how she changes from month to month. It's getting harder to take her picture since she is so mobile now. I have to quickly take her picture before she craws out the chair!
She is such a joy and gets compliments from everyone on how good of a baby she is. Her personality started to show more now. She is so happy and loves to laugh and is always smiling. At the nursery at the Gym, she craws over the other babies and the lady that works there says she is fearless! I think she gets that from her Daddy. I've heard many stories from Roger(my Father-in-law) of his childhood adventures. She manages to find the smallest pieces of debris, dirt, little itty bitty pieces of decomposed food on the floor and every "treasure" she finds, she puts immediately in her mouth. When I take it away from her, she moves her hands up and down and gets mad. She loves when I hold her tiny hands and she "walks" with my help.
I took her for her 9 months appt last Friday and the doctor says she's worry about her weight. She gained 3 lbs while we were in Brazil in July, but hasn't gained ANYTHING ever since! She actually lost an ounce. Dr. Olmestead told me to put her in a high fat diet. I've being feading her mac and cheese, mash potatoes and anything else that I can add extra butter. I'm taking her back to the Pediatrician in a month for a weight check and my BHAG is that she gains 4 lbs.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Three Terrific Years!

On Wed. (9/16) Kyle and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I feel so blessed every day because Kyle is my husband. I love him so much and he is an amazing husband! He is truly an reward from God. I always complain that he can never surprise me (The poor thing tries, but I'm really good in guessing). But this year, he was able to surprise me! Although when we were on the way to the restaurant I had an Epiphany, and I knew where he was taking me! We had a delicious dinner at Capital Grille. It was my first time there and I LOVED it! We had the best table in a little corner, so it was semi-private and perfect for our celebration!
What's an anniversary without a decadent dessert? As much as I love cake, I could not finish this luscious dessert! Look a the size of this thing?!!! After a huge meal, I just could not fit it in my tummy. I finished on the next day with a big glass of milk! :>
Sweetness, I love you so much! I have had 3 amazing years as your wife. I'm glad you are the last person I see at night and the first one I see in the morning. I look forward everyday for you to come home from work. I love that you look at me and all I see in your eyes are love for me. I love living life with you and look forward to be by your side every day until God calls one of us to go "home". And, once and for all...YOU MOST! (that's an inside joke)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Outer Banks

Beautiful sunset from Ocean Grille Restaurant

Simply Gorgeous!
Jacqueline and Banner

We played lots of Corn Hole. Kyle and Jimmy won the competition

Call DSS!
Hiding from the Sun
Here are some of our Lifegroup friends. I wish I had taken a group picture...We spent an entire week in Corolla, NC (Outer Banks) with our Lifegroup. One of our friends from Lifegroup hs a house there (Well, his parents own the house). There were 4 couples, 2 babies and 2 pregnant women. We had 2 days of sunshine. Played lots of Corn Hole. We ate tons of food and spent a lot of of time watching the weather channel!