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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blessed on Mother's Day and Everyday

This had potential to be great  mother's day picture...except my 2 girs decided not cooperate. Jacqueline put her hand at her face and Vivian looks like is going potty

It was a great day spent with my wonderful mother and the 2 reasons why I get to celebrate today too---- my sweet girls!

I'm so thankful for my mom and all that she has done for me and continue to do it.  I'm lucky to have her and for the amazing grandmother she is! 

I love these 2 little creatures beyond what I can comprehend. They bring constant joy, daily laughs and give me a glimpse of God's love for me. They are a reminder every day of God's promise

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose". Rom 8:28"

Raising these 2 precious lives are my favorite job ever. I feel blessed to have the privilege to be able to be at home with them, to raise them and be present to see all the milestones and to experience life with them as they discover the world

First Family Vacation

 We finally braved up and took our very first family vacation. Until now we've being hesitant to take the creatures on a family vacation with fear that would be a disaster. But for our surprize, they did great! We stayed in a resort in Myrte Beach (Dunes Village). Each girl had their own room and we had ours. We changed the dates of our trip after my Dental Hygieniest advised me that the week we were going was biker week (as in loud and obnoxious Harley Davidson!!). How did she know?! Well, she was going to biker week--riding in the back seat of her boyfriend's Harley Davidson! :>
 We stayed 4 nighst--which it seemed the perfect amount ot time to be away w/ a 3 yr old and a 2 yr. old. Our biggest concern was the sleep schedule (especially naps). How would Jacqueline sleep in a big girl bad during nap and not get up 27 times? She still sleeps in her crib w/ covered with the "tent prison". She gives all kinds of trouble at home to take her naps and sometimes it takes her nearly 2 hours to fall asleep...well, for our complete surprize she would fall asleep as soon as we read her a story. Sometimes she didn't even want a story. She would just cover herself up w/ her blanket and hold "Sulina" (her bailarina doll). Vivian also did wonderful during naps (didn't do so well at night--she would cry in such a desperate manner that we would just pick her up and bring to bed with u which we never do it at home unless she is sick)

The girls had so much fun making sand castles with Daddy, chasing innocent birds and running around at the beach


We went to the aquarium and they totally fricked out when they saw the dinossaurs (If you are asking yourself WHY there were dinossaurs at the aquarium...well, I'm still wondering the same thing!) 

We went to a place called Barefoot Landing where there are tons of restaurants, stores and an old fashioned rides for kids. Of course, I forgot my camera the day we took them there. Above is a picture of of the rides when it was closed (the day before ). The girls didn't mind playing in it although it wasn't moving.

The downside of taking advantage of lower rates going in May to the beach is that it might be cold...which it was. Definetely cold for a Brazilian! But even my husband, who is always hot, felt chilly. Here the girls were having dinner while enjoying the view of the ocean or "awrora" as Vivian says

Our last night-- pizza and lots of rain! After dinner the girls got up and started dancing by our table (I hate that I didn't  take a picture of them!!!). They were so free spirit...dancing around and smiling big. Enjoying every moment. Too bad as we grow older we loose the ability to be so care free.  It's nice to have little kids around to remind us to be more spontaneous

We took pictures in one of those photo booths that take 4 pictures withing a few seconds. Here is our family portrait...Silly and care free--we are fast learners!

Second Annual Strawberry Picking

 Last year Vivian was too little to participate in the strawberry picking. She sat patiently in the stroller the whole time since she didn't even know how to walk yet. This year she took the event very serious. She carried her own basket and managed to pick only green strawberries!

Jillian (our next door neighboor) and Jacqueline posing for a picture