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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Parrots and Valentine's Day

We attended a marriage seminar yesterday(Saturday) at our church called "Becoming Soul Mates". Above is a picture of the speakers Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. They were engaging and Les was witty and funny! Both Kyle and I love going to marriage seminars. This is the 3rd one that we've gone. If you are interested in checking out their site go to It has so many practical information and you can also watch some of their videos.

Here were at our lunch break. All the Lifegroups leaders were invited to meet during lunch w/ the speakers. We got to ask questions while we had lunch.
Our friends Ericka and Jimmy(from our Lifegroup) were there too
On Valentine's Day, Kyle surprised me with flowers. Arent' they beautiful? He knows I love being surprised and he sure did surprise me! ps: Don't I match my kitchen's back splash??!! I just noticed this when I was uploading this photo! :>

I love her sooooooo MUCH!!!

And sometimes I just want to squeeze her!!!!

She loved the pink dog that her Daddy gave her (Kyle had told me earlier that he bought Jacqueline a pink bear--how did he mistake a dog for a bear??!!!!)

Ready to open the other gifts

After our dinner at Ruth's Chris, we came back just in time to put Jacqueline to bed. My Mom and Bob came over to babysit her while we were at dinner. Thanks Mom and Bob!!

Saying bye bye to Vovo and Grandpa
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Carbs and Sweets

It's negative! My 1st glucose test was 1 point over the normal range and I had to take a 3 hour test to check if I had Gestational Diabetes, which it was done Friday so the entire weekend I was wondering if I was going to have to give up swees and carbs and even have to take insulin the rest of my pregnancy. This afternoon the nurse finally called saying that it was negative. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Praise God! I was so happy that I didn't have to give up my favorite food group: SWEETS!

Just in case, I ate my share of carbs and sweets during the Cancun trip, at a friend's daughter b-day party on Sat. and yesterday at at a Super Bowl get together with our Lifegroup. Now the madness is over. Time to get back to the Gym and eat in moderation.

Ever since Jacqueline started walking she is non-stop. At Jayden's birthday party(Jayden is my college friend Jenny's daughter), she was all over the place. I had to chase her the entire time. Jenny's father-in-law was so sweet to offer to hold her while I got me something to eat.

This is Jacqueline and her daughterMayla(5 months old). I miss that stage, but Baby Kuba # 2 will be here before I know it. Can't wait!

This is Jenny and she is from Hong Kong. We've known each other since my Junior year in college. She went back to H. Kong for a while. I'm so glad she moved back, but now she maybe be moving to Boone, NC (where we went to school)
This is the b-day girl! She didn't really want me to take a picture, but I snapped a quick one

Thursday, February 4, 2010


No, this is not Cancun! The morning before we left for Cancun this is what our front yard looked like. We were so glad to be heading to a warm and sunny place
Our street was covered w/ snow and ice
This is Kyle's 9th time winning the incentive trip from work

"Nine Time Sale Winners"--that's Kyle's name!

Blue ocean...just beautiful!

The Dancing Queen--getting my groove on with Shannon

Before going out to dinner w/ a few of Kyle's co-workers

View from our hotel room--it looks like a post card!

Our room--it was so nice waking up every morning to this gorgeous view!
Baby Creature's 1st international trip (28 weeks)
Align Center
The woman in the middle is Kyle's boss' wife who almost got attacked by the pigeons

We went to dinner at a restaurant called Harry's--the waiters brought to each table after dinner this gigantic blue cotton candy. It's a new restaurant and it was sooooo crowded. Our reservation was at 8:30pm and we finally got sat at 9:15pm and we didn't leave the restaurant until almost midnight!

Happy tummies after another delicious meal

Kyle and his co-workers who won the trip to Cancun

Our last night...time to go home and hug and kiss Jacqueline

We had such a wonderful time! We both agreed that it was the best trip we had w/ Teksystems. We left on Sunday and came back on Thursday afternoon. The first day was raining, but all the other days were sunny and perfect! We laid out on the beach--yes, I did lay out w/ my bikini and my enormous pregnant belly! I really didn't think I would ever do that, but I did and I'm glad I did. It's great to lay out and not have to worry about tucking in my belly! It was completely exposed to everyone to see! Both Kyle and I got massages and I got a facial. I felt so pampered! We ate at great restaurants, took naps and hang out with Kyle's co-workers and their wives. It was amazing, but we were both excited to come home and see our precious baby! When we went to pick her up at my mom's, she didn't remember us. I was so surprised(well, shocked to say the least) since it only has being 5 days since we've seen her. By the time we got home and played with her for a while, she was back to her normal self. For about 1 1/2 hours is like she had amnesia. I'm so glad she got her "memory"back! We missed her so much and it felt so good to hold her again! I do miss Cancun already. I know my sweet husband will work really hard again and we'll be there in 2011!