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Monday, June 22, 2009

One Day She Will Call Him Daddy

I took Jacqueline to get her little foot imprinted in a picture frame for Father's Day
After several attemps, I finally was able to get her foot imprinted with the help of someone in the store
Before church
Lunch at Village Tavern

Banner and Jacqueline staring at each other

Yesterday was Kyle's First Father's Day. I love seem my husband happy. We had a wonderful day together. On Saturday I took him in a "mystery" outing. We got in the car and all he knew is that he suppose to drive towards East Blvd. As we get closer to the "mystery" place, I told him that we were going to pick his Father's Day gift. For months he has being saying that he needs to get a new pair of tennis shoes, but I wouldn't dare pick them myself without his input. When we were dating, we went shoe shopping and he took WAY more than 1 hour(it really felt like the entire afternoon) to choose a pair of shoes that he has probably worn them twice! He was very excited that getting a new pair of tennir shoes was his Father's Day gift (and quite relived it wasn't another massage given by a man masseuse). I learned my lessons few birthdays ago...Anyway, we only spent 20 min in the store! I took him to a runner specialty store, so basically the sales rep. asked him a few questions and advised him on which shoes to get. Perfect! On Sunday we went to church and then to lunch at Village Tavern with a couple friend(from our Lifegroup), Banner(their 4 month old baby) and Ericka's Stepfather.

Jacqueline has no idea how blessed she is for having Kyle as her Dad. It warms my heart when I see him with her. He is so tender and loving to her . He already told me that I'll have to do most of the discipline because it will be very hard for him to do it. There is just something so special about the love of a Father for his daughter. Daddy is the first man in a little girls life and their relationship will set the stardart on what kind of husband she will choose one day. Kyle has admirable qualities that I hope her husband will have one day. She smiles when he plays with her and soon enough she will be calling him Daddy. What a sweet sound it will be!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome to Jacqueline's "Crib"!

I've being hoping to be done with her nursery by now, but I figure it will always be a never ending project. I constantly think of ways to changing her room, but it never gets accomplished. So, here is a tour of Jacqueline's nursery.
I painted this little stool while I was pregnant. I must add that it was painted with my carpal tunnel hands, so you can imagine (for those of you who knows how painful it is) what a difficult task it was. Besides, I'm not a very crafty person. I'm a crafty-wanna-be.
Those wooden flowers were purchased at Michael's. They were super cheap. I think only .20 cents each.

I got these at Michael's as well. I glued the flowers and painted the frames. They cost only a $1! I put my picture and Kyle's as babies. We were both 6 months old. Check it out how much darker I was then he! That little corner is where I sit to nurse her every night before I kiss her, put her to sleep and hope she will sleep through the night (12 LONG hours!!!)

This piece of furniture came from my mom's house. It used to be my Step-Dad's moms. It's an antique and I love it!
The pink doll was a gift from my Tia Salma("Tia" means Aunt in Portuguese) . She sent it to Jacqueline all the way from Brazil. The frame above the furniture is my belly at 30 weeks pregnant. It says: "Children are a heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward" Psalm 127:3
My friend Wendy made this for her room. Such a sweet gift! I placed above the changing table.
I purchased this changing table at for $20! I keep telling myself I'll spray paint it so it will match the crib. Maybe it will get done one day... Hope you enjoyed the tour!