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Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of Pre-School

School started. Vivian did great on her 1st day of pre-school.  Jacqueline, as always, walked in the classroom and never looked back. She is so independent and fearless and never meets a stranger.
Jacqueline was the 2nd oldest of her clasroom and most of the kids were 5-7 months younger, so I put her in the waiting list to get her changed to a different class few weeks ago. By the first day, I was wondering if they would be able to switch her. The girls went to school on Tuesday and that afternoon I got a call from school saying that she was going to be able to be moved to the other classroom. I was thrilled! Now she is in a new class (MWF) and  in her new class there are a set of twin girls that were in her class last year. Also, one of my friend's daugther is in her class as well. In Vivian's class, there are a little girl that is the daughter of our old Lifegroup leaders.  

I LOVE this picture of Vivian. It really shows her  vivacious personality


Jacqueline's teacher (well, no longer, since she moved to a diff. classroom)

Ready to walk into her classroom!

There were lots of crying, but not from my big girl! She did great!
I'm excited for my Monday and Wed. mornings kid free! I'm planning to get a lot done around the house and it will be much easier to go grocery shopping and run errands w/o kids. 

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